Fall 2020 adult Classes begin on September 13th at 11:15am

    We are currently offering two adult classes via Zoom:

    First Samuel

    Standing between the erratic times of Israel being ruled by judges and Israel’s emergence as a strong and united kingdom is the rise of the prophet Samuel and Israel’s first king.  This book of the Old Testament can be divided by the three main characters:  Samuel, the one who represents God’s presence and word throughout Israel; Saul, the first king of Israel who struggles to follow Samuel’s advice at crucial times; and David, who is anointed Saul’s successor years before he actually becomes Israel’s second king in Second Samuel.  The political and military escapades abound throughout this book and remain within the rule and power of God’s covenantal and delivering hand. Join Rev. David Elton each Sunday as we read and discuss First Samuel, beginning Sunday, September 13 at 11:15am.


    The Divine Dance

    This fall, Rev. Kara will be leading a Sunday school discussion of The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr. If you are interested and would like help getting the book, please contact the Church Office and we can help you get a copy. Otherwise, feel free to connect to your favorite online bookseller and pick up a copy so you can join us this fall. Fall classes will begin for all ages on September 13. If you're interested in joining this class, please contact Kara.

    Our syllabus for this class will be as follows:

    9/13 Cold read: what do we, as a class, know or think about the Trinity?

    9/20 Discuss pages19-32, Forward and Introduction

    9/27 Discuss pages 35-64, Part I Spiritual Paradigm Shift through The Delight of Diversity

    10/4 Discuss pages 64-89, Part I The World in a Word through Loving All the Wrong People

    10/11 [NO CLASS--Women's Retreat weekend]

    10/18 Discuss pages 90-117,  Part I Emptiness Alone is Prepared for Fullness through Next

    10/25 Discuss pages 121-147, Part II Three Reasons for Recovery through The Dynamism Within and Between: Holy Spirit

    11/1 Discuss pages 147-164, Part II, TDD through An Amazing Chain of Being

    11/8 Discuss pages 164-181, Part II Trinity in Eternity Past through The Great Attractor

    11/15 Discuss pages 185-217, Part III through Appendix: Experiencing the Trinity--Seven Practices

    11/22 [All Church Zoom Thanksgiving lunch and reflection on Traditions]



  • men's koffee klatch

    Sorry, this group is currently on hold due to COVID-19


    Thursday 9:30am - 11:00 am         CE Building Lounge

    All men of United Church are invited to coffee, refreshments, and fellowship!  There are no lesson plans, no required or suggested topics, no devotions, no leaders, but there is a lot of fun!  Hosting duties are passed around within the group.  The wit and wisdom shared cover all sorts of topics and the discussions have proven extremely interesting, informative, and supportive.  We laugh a lot!  See you there!

  • Monday book study

    Monday 11:00am  – 12:30pm          Meeting Online via Zoom

    All women of the church and their friends are welcome to attend this group (currently meeting via Zoom).  The books for discussion are selected by the group.  The group is currently reading Madeline L'Engle's first book in her Genesis trilogy "And it Was Good."

    9/28 Foreward and Chapter 1
    10/5 Chapters 2-3
    10/12 [Skip, Indigenous People's Day]
    10/19 Chapters 4-6
    10/26 Chapter 7
    11/2 Chapter 8
    11/9 Chapter 9
    11/16 Chapters 10-11
    11/23 Chapter 12

    If you're interested in joining this group, please contact Pastor Kara or the Church Office.

  • Women's Friday Morning Group

    Friday 10:00am - 11:30am          Meeting Online via Zoom

    All women are welcome to come try out our Friday morning group!  We are largely comprised of women of The United Church, although not exclusively, and you are certainly welcome to bring a friend with you!  We spend time each week in study and, equally as important, in fellowship and prayer.

  • conversations at aspen ridge

    This meeting is currently on hold due to COVID-19

    Join us every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00am for coffee and conversation with our friends who reside at Aspen Ridge Lodge Assisted Living Facility.  Aspen Ridge Lodge is located at 1010 Sombrillo Court in Los Alamos.