SPRING 2022 Classes begin:

    Monday School: Continuing

    Sunday School: January 16

    Videos of some of our classes can be found at the bottom of this page!

    Adult Classes

    Reading Bonhoeffer Together


    Facilitated by Keith Lewis


    Dietrich Bonhoeffer is without a doubt one of the most recognizable Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century.  However, there is more to the man than we usually think about when it comes to his theology, his writings, his German identity, and his defiance of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich.  In the modern era, we are quick to use his name when we find that it easily suits our needs or we wish to appear relevant. While we do so many times out of ignorance, we also run the risk of tarnishing his legacy and impact at a time when his witness and his call to discipleship are most important.  Join us as we study his life, review his sermons, read his well-known book The Cost of Discipleship and ponder how his legacy inspires us to live out our lives in a way that reflects our devotion to Jesus Christ.


    This class meets via Zoom on Monday nights at 6:30pm beginning on August 30th.

    If you’d like to join, please contact the Church Office or Pastor Keith.

    The Gospel According to Mark


    Facilitated by David Elton


    We will spend 16 weeks this winter/spring semester reading and discussing the evangelist’s writing in the earliest gospel of the Bible known as the Gospel According to Mark.  The class will examine one chapter each week in Mark, a gospel that’s without a birth narrative, moves at a rapid pace, is the shortest of the four gospels, and has two different endings.  Among numerous themes in Mark, the call and challenge of being a faithful disciple is emphasized in almost every chapter.  Join us for this journey through the Gospel of Mark through this semester and Lenten season.

    If God...


    Facilitated by Kara Windler


    Pastor Kara will be leading discussions of two books this semester: If God Is Love, Don't Be a Jerk by John Pavlovitz and If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I? by Angela N. Parker. If God Is Love takes an "honest look at how the beliefs we hold can shape our relationships with God and our fellow humans - and [seeks] to make sure that love has the last, loudest word." Pavlovitz is an engaging author and each chapter is filled with both humor and theological depth. We'll follow this book with Parker's If God Still Breathes. "Drawing from her perspective as a Womanist New Testament scholar, Dr. Parker describes how she learned to deconstruct one of White Christianity’s most pernicious lies: the conflation of biblical authority with the doctrines of inerrancy and infallibility. As Dr. Parker shows, these doctrines are less about the text of the Bible itself and more about the arbiters of its interpretation—historically, White males in positions of power who have used Scripture to justify control over marginalized groups." These two books challenge readers to examine their theological assumptions, to consider the consequences of those assumptions and, hopefully, lead to deeper lived faith and faithfulness.

    If God Is Love, Don't Be a Jerk

    1/16 Introduction

    1/30 Chapters 1&2

    2/6 Chapters 3&4

    2/13 Chapters 5&6

    2/20 Chapters 7&8

    2/27 Chapters 9&10

    3/6 Chapters 11&12

    3/13 Chapters 13, 14 & 15

    3/20 Chapters 16, 17 &18


    If God Still Breathes, Why Can't I?

    4/10 Introduction

    4/24 Chapter 1

    5/1 Chapter 2

    5/15 Chapter 3

    5/22 Chapter 4 & Conclusion


  • men's koffee klatch

    Sorry, this group is currently on hold due to COVID-19


    Thursday 9:30am - 11:00 am         CE Building Lounge

    All men of United Church are invited to coffee, refreshments, and fellowship!  There are no lesson plans, no required or suggested topics, no devotions, no leaders, but there is a lot of fun!  Hosting duties are passed around within the group.  The wit and wisdom shared cover all sorts of topics and the discussions have proven extremely interesting, informative, and supportive.  We laugh a lot!  See you there!

  • Monday book study

    Monday 11:00am  – 12:30pm          Meeting Online via Zoom

    All women of the church and their friends are welcome to attend this group (currently meeting via Zoom).  The books for discussion are selected by the group. 

    On January 10, the Monday Book Study will begin their study of If the Church Were Christian by Philip Gulley. We will be reading at a 1 chapter per week pace. "Quaker minister Philip Gulley, author of If Grace Is True and If God Is Love, returns with If the Church Were Christian: a challenging and thought-provoking examination of the author’s vision for today’s church… if Christians truly followed the core values of Jesus Christ. Anyone interested in the future of this institution will find much to discuss in If the Church Were Christian."

    1/10 Chapter 1

    1/17 Chapter 2

    1/24 Chapter 3

    1/31 Chapter 4

    2/7 Chapter 5

    2/14 Chapter 6

    2/21 Chapter 7

    2/28 Chapter 8

    3/7 Chapter 9

    3/14 Chapter 10

    If you're interested in joining this group, please contact Pastor Kara or the Church Office.

  • Women's Friday Morning Group

    Friday 10:00am - 11:30am          Meeting Online via Zoom

    All women are welcome to come try out our Friday morning group!  We are largely comprised of women of The United Church, although not exclusively, and you are certainly welcome to bring a friend with you!  We spend time each week in study and, equally as important, in fellowship and prayer.

    On January 14, the Women's Friday Morning Group will begin their study of Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr. We will be reading at a 1 chapter per week pace. "This popular and bestselling book of the renowned Franciscan challenges people to move beyond the comfort of a settled life toward an understanding of themselves that is rooted in their connection to God. Only when they rest in God can they find the certainty and the freedom to become all that they can be. Contemplation has its place at the heart of Christianity, a place that allows people to experience how 'everything belongs.'"

    1/14 Chapter 1

    1/21 Chapter 2

    1/28 Chapter 3

    2/4 Chapter 4

    2/11 Chapter 5

    2/18 Chapter 6

  • conversations at aspen ridge

    This meeting is currently on hold due to COVID-19

    Join us every third Wednesday of the month at 10:00am for coffee and conversation with our friends who reside at Aspen Ridge Lodge Assisted Living Facility.  Aspen Ridge Lodge is located at 1010 Sombrillo Court in Los Alamos.

Revelation Class videos

Want to take part in Pastor Kara's Revelation class, but can't make it work with your schedule?  Did you really enjoy last week's discussion and want to hear it again?  Good news!  Kara will be recording each week and we'll be uploading the videos right here!