executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of the chairs of all major church boards, the pastors, and a few elected officials.  The Executive Council meets monthly to provide guidance and leadership, and to coordinate the activities of the church.  The meeting is preceded by an All-Church POTLUCK and board meetings.  The current council members are:

  • President - Laura Erickson
  • Vice President - John Bliss
  • Past President - Jim Cobble
  • Secretaries - Irene Powell & Pam Meyer
  • Treasurer - Ann Cooke
  • Member at Large - Jack Gehre
  • Member at Large - Tricia McCulloch
  • and the chairs of the 7 boards listed below

church boards

The United Church of Los Alamos is organized into Boards.  The various boards are described below.

  • Christian education board

    The CE Board provides Sunday School classes for children, youth, and adults, as well as multi-generational programs throughout the year.  Some of the these programs include:  All Church Camp, Advent Lecture Series and Suppers, Monday and Friday morning study groups, Thursday Faith and Family Night (TFFN),  Vacation Bible School (VBS) and much more! Anthony Puckett, chair

  • Elders board

    The Elders Board oversees the spiritual aspects of life at The United Church of Los Alamos.  They are responsible for worship services, communion service, and sponsor a spiritual retreat each year.

    Brad Cooke, chair

  • finance board

    The Finance Board oversees the church budget and expenditures, and assists other Boards in their fiscal planning and commitments.  This budget encompasses the programs, staff, and facilities of The United Church of Los Alamos, and provides for mission giving.

    -John FitzPatrick, Finance Board Chair

  • membership & evangelism board

    The M & E Board is focused on the welcoming of new visitors and the care of existing members and regular attenders.  Activities and events include Sunday morning coffee fellowship, the Welcome Center, Monday Night at the Pit in the summer for college students, Thanksgiving potluck, Easter breakfast and much more.  Georgia Strickfaden, chair

  • mission & service board

    The Mission & Service Board administers the annual missions budget in the name of the congregation.  We maintain contact with the supported agencies and individuals.  The Board also coordinates special offerings and designated gifts outside of the budget, including One Great Hour of Sharing, disaster relief, and Christmas Alternative Giving.  We promote mission and service activities by church members, to meet the spiritual and physical needs of God's children. John Puckett, chair

  • personnel board

    The Personnel Board serves as a resource to the church staff, and provides opportunities for resolution of issues between staff and congregation.  The board coordinates annual performance reviews for the staff, and prepares the staff's annual budget.

    Jim Hall & Cookie Halsted, co-chairs

  • trustees board

    The Trustees Board is responsible for the church facilities, utilities, and insurance.  The board members and Friends of the Trustees meet one Saturday a month (generally the Saturday before the second Sunday) to do landscaping and light maintenance.  Everyone is welcome to come help!

    Norma Puckett, chair

  • church committees

    Committees include Endowment/Memorials, Fellowship, Flowers, Historical, LIFT (provides support for Memorial receptions), Nominating, Public Relations, A/V Team, Ushering/Welcoming and many other individual volunteers.